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Here, you'll find knitting patterns from the designers Lili Comme Tout, L'île Aux Fils, Petit Bout de Moi, Isabell Kraemer, Ankestrickt, Ncl Knits, Melody Hoffmann...

L'échappée Laine has its own patterns with a skill level from beginner to advanced knitter.

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  • L'échappée Laine

    The patterns from L'Échappée Laine are for all knitters : from beginners to skilled. You can find many accessories, socks and garments. Patterns are in French and English.

  • Laine Magazine

    Laine Magazine is a beautiful finnish knitting magazine with gorgeous photos. In each issue, you'll find:

    • 10 or 12 knitting patterns designed by indies
    • travel reports and articles related to knitting or yarn
    • designers, yarnies, dyers or shop owners interviews
  • Making Stories

    Making Stories is a German knitting magazine which offers you collaborations between designers and yarn brands. They love noble fibers, locally sourced and modern knitting. The magazines are in English.

  • Lili Comme Tout

    Lili Comme Tout is a French knitting pattern brand for adult, children and babies. Julie also designs beautiful shawls. Patterns are in French ;)

  • L'île Aux Fils

    The French indie designer L'île Aux Fils creates nice two-colored shawls and garments for adults and children. Patterns are in French.

  • Petit Bout de Moi

    Audrey, the indie designer behind Petit Bout de Moi, creates beautiful lace shawls ! Patterns are in English and French.

  • Christal Little Kitchen

    Christal Little Kitchen is a Belgian designer who creates patterns for L'Échappée Laine and our yarns. We made two collaborations together and more to come!
    Patterns are pdf translated in English.

  • Isabell Kraemer

    Isabell Kraemer is an unmissable knitting designer because her patterns are well-conceived and easy to . On L'échappée Laine, you'll find pattern created especially for our yarns.
    Patterns are pdf files translated in English.

  • Anke Strick

    Ankestrick is famous German designer known for the Same Same cardigan, a best of Ravelry. Discover Blue House, our first collaboration ! Pattern in English and French in the same file.

  • Mandarine's

    Melody Hoffmann is a French designer whose universe is poetic and inspired by nature. She loves working on delicate textures and patterns. She creates accessories and garments patterns.

    Here, you'll find the patterns designed in collaboration with L'échappée Laine.

  • Wouimardis

    Christine Rouvillé is a French knitting designer known as Les Wouimardis. She designs baby and children clothes, knitwear for adults and accessories.

  • NCL Knits

    Nadia is a Swiss indie designer who creates delicates and fine patterns. Patterns are in English and French.

  • Kids Tricots
  • OKmaille
  • Chaussettes

    L'échappée Laine loves socks! We offer you sock patterns with different types of construction available in a wide range of sizes so that you can knit them for men.

  • Catalogues
  • Brooklyn Tweed

    The famous american brand Brooklyn Tweed provides modern and subtle knitting patterns mainly for adult. Patterns are all in English.

  • Alice Hammer

    Alice Hammer is a talented French knitting designer who has a strong knitting culture. In her designs, you can find traditional patterns and shapes but always with a modern twist and a stylish touch. 
    She is a very prolific designer, she creates for women, accessories, garments, but also for men, so don't hesitate to visit her Ravelry!

  • La Maison Rililie

    Lovely color combinations, clever constructions, here are the knitting patterns of Rililie!

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Showing 1 - 24 of 77 items